Sigfox AutoDialer

Sigfox™ enabled wireless AutoDialer. Simply connect our Sigfox™ AutoDialer Module to your new or existing Alarm unit for Voice Call Alerts when it activates.

Alarm Alerter

Our Sigfox™ enabled AutoDialer has been designed to work alongside your new or existing alarm system.

It connects wirelessly to the global Sigfox™ radio network to send instant SMS or voice call alarm notifications.

Other features include:

Easy to install - Your alarm installer or electrician should have no issue fitting.

If you require installation please contact us.

No Wifi, Telephone Line or 3G Sim card required

Easy to use Web-based alarm management platform

Please Note: This product requires Sigfox Network availability and should only be used as a monitoring aide. Please contact us for more information.



European Sigfox Coverage (WND UK)


Year 1 included


Existing Alarm System


£135.00 + P&P (introductory offer)

Poultry Units, Hydroponic Units, Home & Business Owners, Property Management & Landlords